Setting up the Full Hyperledger fabric Developer’s Environment

  • See Setting Up The Development Environment to set up your development environment.

  • The following commands are all issued from the vagrant environment. The following will open a terminal session:

   cd <your cloned location>/fabric/devenv
   vagrant up
   vagrant ssh
  • Issue the following commands to build the Hyperledger fabric client (HFC) Node.js SDK including the API reference documentation
   cd /opt/gopath/src/
  • Issue the following command where your Node.js application is located if you wish to use the require("hfc"), this will install the HFC locally.
  npm install /opt/gopath/src/

Or point to the HFC directly by using the following require() in your code:

  • To build the API reference documentation:
   cd /opt/gopath/src/
   <TBD make doc>
   docker exec -it nodesdk /bin/bash
   cd /opt/gopath/src/
   <TBD make doc>
  • The the API reference documentation will be available in: /opt/gopath/src/